Creativity and Invention Using Photoshop

Whalley mandala

We took a field trip to the art studio of John Whalley. The objects you see are from photos I took in his studio. This my first mandala Using Photoshop.

Bicknell box

We took a field trip to an abandoned manufacturing plant to take some photos for subject matter. The letters came from an old machine, the box and business card from an office, and the photos are photoshopped.

New Light

When I visited John’s art studio he was just releasing his new book entitled “In New Light” . This is a mock up composition I did for class and not to promote the book, just for practice. Here you can see John explaining his process of creating the Lincoln portrait he is holding.

Maine Coastal Geology Triptych

We took many field trips to beautiful Maine Locations throughout the weeks I attended. Even the rocky beaches are beautiful. The beach image depicts the wet and dry line of the tide. The three smaller images are the rock cliff faces on the same beach. Location is undisclosed.

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