My design gallery showcases various digital projects in Art, Photography, and Design created throughout my career, past and present.

I started Digital Editing in 1989 when I first starting using an analog Camera, the Canon Xap Shot. The images were very poor quality by today’s standards and editing images was nearly impossible. It wasn’t until 1992 when Photoshop was first released that I really started to see the potential of digital editing. All of the images you will see in my gallery have been processed in Photoshop at some point in their journey. I consider digital editing to be an art form.


I never considered myself an artist until I was old enough to appreciate the meaning of art. The confidence I had in my art was always connected to how “other” people viewed it. Now I realize that my art is just that, MY art. I Enjoy it and that’s what matters, if “others” enjoy it then that’s an added bonus.

– Enjoy


I have always been fascinated with photos ever since I was a young child. I remember sitting on the floor for hours looking through photos my dad had acquired during his tour around the world while serving during the Korean War. Photos contained within are a combination of new and old work.

– Enjoy


Design, like Photography and Art, have been with me my entire life. At an early age Lego’s were my toys but I never thought Lego’s would propel me into a lifelong career as a designer and educator. My design toolbox is changing again. I’m not sure what’s next but I’m sure Design will be a part of it.

– Enjoy


In this gallery you will find graphics that I have done for my friends and just for fun

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