When thoughts make it to the open page I wonder how many words I have erased? How many words have I erased throughout my life? Lost words never to remain, infinite in number and never to be heard. My words seldom string together in rhythm and rhyme. But from time to time my words shine! -Riven Waters

Writing has always been difficult for me. I remember as a child struggling to find the proper grammar, spelling or punctuation for any assignment I was given. Still to this day I struggle to write, but now I enjoy it even though it can be difficult. The computer helps of course, but the flow of the words still eludes me and I find myself erasing and re-writing an exorbitant amount of time. Programs like Grammerly can help but I find myself spending even more time trying to get my words perfect, plus I don’t want to spend the money for it. These pages contained within are my words, unfiltered, unchecked, and probably incorrect by English standards. It’s possible no one will ever read these words on these pages but if you do I hope you enjoy.

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