In this Gallery you will find a HISTORICAL record of my design work throughout my years

This Gallery includes past personal and commercial work including work that I created for the classes I taught

Below are companies that I have done design work for

Snap Space

Snap Space is a company that designs and builds shipping container buildings for commercial and residential use. The designs I did were mostly for presentation work to help “sell” the projects. Shipping containers are interesting to design with because most software available does not accommodate for this type of work so I used a number of different software packages to create. These included AutoCad, Revit, Sketchup, Chief Architect and Photoshop. I worked as a sub-contractor for a number of years for Snap Space.

Carpenter Associates

Carpenter Associates is an Engineering Company that does a variety of work from Architecture to Civil Engineering. The work I did for Carpenters was mostly presentation work but usually involved me aiding in the design as the concepts developed.

More to Come, work in progress

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