Welcome to My VR Stuff

Welcome to “My VR Stuff”! My name is Riven Waters, and I am excited to share my journey into the world of virtual reality with you. It all started when I tried my daughter’s VR headset back in October and became instantly hooked. As someone who suffers from dysautonomia, which causes dizziness and other symptoms, I was initially hesitant to explore virtual reality. But I was determined to conquer my condition and embrace the latest technology.

As a former teacher of 3D design, I was particularly interested in the 3D panoramas and wanted to figure out how they were created. I soon remembered a project I did several years ago for a company that makes shipping container homes, where I used 360-degree panoramas to showcase the design. As you will see on my YouTube channel, the shipping container home project was my starting point for creating and sharing 360-degree content. However, I didn’t stop there.

I discovered numerous ways to generate and share 360-degree content, and my passion for VR only grew. I decided to recreate a small cottage project I assigned to my students, using Thinglink, which enabled me to create virtual tours and share them with the world. However, that was just a stepping stone to my most significant project yet – “The Location Museum and Gallery.”

Using Chief Architect software, I designed the entire project from scratch without any plans or sketches. The model includes one art gallery, three photo galleries, and two video wall galleries. It took me several hundred hours to complete, and it was worth every second. Along the way, I had to learn several new software packages and brush up on older ones like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Luminar NEO, and Logic Pro, which I use to create my own music.

During this project, I discovered 360 VR videos, Twinmotion, and AI pano generators, which led to my latest venture into using the AI skybox generator made by Blockade labs. The possibilities with VR are endless, and I am still navigating which services to use and which ones are the best. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to keep all my links current and up to date. So, strap in and get ready to explore with me as I continue to learn and create using the latest in technology and software packages.

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