Longing for Sleep

Today I wake ache and sigh
Today like every other 
Today I stand pots won’t go away 

My Life is in slow motion 
My feet are in the clay
My head hurts everyday

Pain is my nemesis 
Pain is my day
Pain I can’t betray

Hours go by like minutes 
Hours become seconds
Hours tick away

Sleep becomes an escape 
Sleep I toss and turn
Sleep always goes away

Today I wake ache and sigh
Today my body is heavy 
Today I stand my ankles sway 

My life is degrading 
My mind is fading 
My soul wants to go away 

Pain in my knees 
Pain in my body
Pain never goes away 

Hours go unused
Hours are my prison
Hours become days

Sleep eludes me
Sleep broken restless
Sleep always goes away 

~Riven Waters

Published by RivenWaters

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