The Masks of my Life

My mask
My face 
My outward appearance

People say I look great 
People say I don’t look sick
People say get better soon

My mask appears 
My mask morphs
My mask obscures

Disease dictates 
Disease debilitates
Disease disintegrates

My mask contradicts 
My mask covers
My mask crumbles 

Pain insidious
Pain relentless 
Pain uninterrupted

My mask convincing 
My mask covert
My mask secret

Hope fades
Hope wanes
Hope Fears Tears

My mask supports
My mask conceals
My mask reveals

~Riven Waters

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2 thoughts on “The Masks of my Life

  1. I also have good test results for virtually everything.Thanks to my wife, I look good all of the time also. I am trying to get her to make me look less good, because it makes me look too healthy. Then you get disregarded by doctors and others in the medical profession.


    1. David I recently had two MRIs but I’m still waiting for official results and this time I think I might actually get some answers but I’m not posting about it until I find out for sure. Thanks again for stopping by!


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