One Object Art

One Object Art is a concept that I started awhile back when I first started creating Mandela art. The Idea is to use and manipulate “One Object” or a group of objects to create unique pieces of abstract art. See One Art Gallery here.

Big Boat project

This art project is inspired by the album artwork from the album Big Boat by Phish (Wikipedia image) At first glance it looks like a ship floating in the clouds. When you look more closely you’ll see that it’s actually a photo of a factory that has been mirror-imaged. I thought this could be a fun project to try. All of the photos were taken by myself and manipulated in Photoshop. See the Big Boat Gallery here.

Mandala project

I really enjoy the patterns and colors of mandalas. I’ve created all of these in Photoshop for fun as well as for classes that I taught. I always try to use images from all of my own photography but occasionally I might use Creative Commons images. The Mandala that I use as my icon, is made of one single eye that has been manipulated to all the other colors. See Mandala Gallery here.

Maine Media Workshops

The Maine Media Workshops are located in Rockport, Maine. I’ve attended two classes over the past years and would like to attend more. The classes are generally several days in length and are very immersive. The work and photography below are just a sampling of those couple of immersive weeks.

Digital Photography I

Instructor: Kate Izor

I’ve included this in “Art” because of some of the Photoshop work

Digital Art Projects

The images in this gallery were edited to look like they were hand painted. These images were not just run through a filter, some images were digitally hand painted, while others were processed in multiple software programs. See the Gallery Here

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